Who Are We?


Hello! Welcome to Haven of Health. HOH is run by two love birds who have an integrate love for food and wellness. Haven of Health is your new safe place to indulge in the most important and deserving thing in the world, yourself! Here you will have access to regular inspiration regarding health and nutrition, natural beauty and conscious living. Each post or recipe is designed to provide you with an additional tool that will improve your health (if you will allow it) and give you a little extra something to add to your healthy living tool kit.

At Haven of Health it is all about transitioning to health – gradually eliminating unhealthy habits one step at a time by replacing them with positive, healthy habits. It’s all about changing the way we think about our wellbeing. Our natural state of being is abundant health and happiness, this is the way our body works best. Less health issues equals more happiness – and who doesn’t want to be their best, shiny self with a bucket load of energy and a contagious zest for life?!

Health is a journey and that journey can often be quite overwhelming. So take a deep breath, and remember that if you only do one thing for your health today, then that is still something and something is better than nothing. It’s not about focusing on what not to do, it’s choosing to make your health a priority and consciously working towards this each day. At Haven of Health, you will be shown how incredibly easy it is to begin living a healthy life by simply crowding out your unhealthy habits. We aim to inspire and encourage you to love and honour your beautiful body by making healthy choices in your own life.



A little bit about Jane...

My journey to health began much earlier than some. At the age of 16 I was suffering a painful battle with acne. In an effort to heal my skin and improve my self esteem, I tried absolutely everything I could – skin creams and treatments, medication, antibiotics, zero makeup and still I was left with an angry, inflamed outbreak all over my face. I knew there had to be another way – I finally understood that my body was trying to tell me something, . I began cooking all of my own meals and soon became obsessed with having nine hours of sleep each night, exercising daily, drinking copious amounts of homemade juice and eating just about anything claimed to be anti inflammatory. While the extent of my new found lifestyle was rather extreme and slightly unobtainable for someone my age and with my budget, I fell in love with the feeling of investing in myself and in my wellbeing. My eyes began to sparkle, the quality of my skin was improving and I started to realise how good my body could feel! I knew I must be doing something right, this lifestyle really resonated with me and encouraged me to love and appreciate my body for the incredible thing that it is. I began to notice that health and nutrition lit me up and had me feeling inspired and super excited to shout it from the rooftops. 

Over time, I gradually eliminated certain unhealthy habits and foods that I realised were quite detrimental to my health. Throughout my younger years I played with multiple diets and health trends – vegetarian, vegan, raw till four, paleo…the list is endless (I even tried the banana diet!) All of these phases taught me so much about health, food and my own body, for which I realised the most suitable way for me to live and nourish my body is with whole, natural, organic foods. These days my approach to health is not so  strict. I've created my own definition of wellness - something I think we all should do.  I am now a qualified health coach and student nutritionist, who is so grateful to be working on this loved-up project, sharing my passion with you all!

A little bit about Viktor...

With my Hungarian background, it is almost impossible to not have an innate love for sour cream and paprika, but heritage aside, I have always had a passion for cooking growing up. Being in the kitchen besides my Mum and Grandma, I learnt from an early age what it took to create a nourishing meal. It definitely helped that my mother had cooked meals for our family on a daily basis. I started having dinner parties when I was in high school and my  love for cooking  grew even more once I began feeding my family and friends. Having a best friend as a chef, who pushed boundaries and started his own business, Wooden Horse Bar and Restaurant, inspired me to start my own career. 

Towards the start of my cooking career I met my head chef turned friend, Carlos, who taught me how to prepare food with love. This has built the foundations for my cooking style and has helped me appreciate food and flavours when working with them. For me, cooking is my passion and holds a space for me to express my creativity and share this with the world.

I began with traditional Al la carte and drifted towards wholefood cafes - I loved the challenge of making healthy food delicious. Now I'm working at a place that does both brunch and dinner and allows me to create with no limits, which I love.

Cooking for me is a creative expression. Using sustainably sourced and organic produce is important to me and my values. Getting to know the farmers who are growing our food has allowed me to be extremely appreciative of the seasonal produce and it's waste. Learning about food wastage, and how to correctly compost has really opened my eyes to how this effects the process of growing vegetables. 

At this  stage in my life, I find myself  beginning to focus more on my own unique style and having the potential to confidently create ideas that come to my mind. Haven of Health for me is a way to express myself and my passion for food outside of my work environment, and hopefully inspire some people to love food along the way.

So, What Do We Eat?

Veggie juice, kale, superfood lattes and kombucha…yes, but no. We still eat pizza, chocolate and pasta, but it’s all about being a little cheeky and experimenting with healthier alternatives – which do exist and still taste equally as amazing! We’re not here to fool anyone, or pretend that we eat super clean all the time . We definitely indulge in our share of treats, but for us thats okay! Food for us represents love and nourishment, and while majority of the time that means fillings our bodies with whole foods, occasionally, we choose to have that burger (or handful of choc covered almonds) and love the experience. 

Our diet generally consists of organic meats, whole grains, beans and legumes and seasonal/organic produce. We listen to our bodies and never count calories. This is what resonates with us and helps us feel energisedOur bodies are all built perfectly different from one another, the same one diet will not be able to sustain and nourish other individuals the same way it does both me and Vik. Along your journey, you too will find the foods that make your body thrive – and the ones that don’t!

Both Viktor and I do not label our diet and I don’t believe we ever will. Instead, we choose to feed our beautiful bodies nutritious, wholesome foods that we have lovingly prepared in our kitchen. Each time we prepare a meal it is an intention of sharing love for our bodies and for one another. This is our most important food philosophy as we believe eating with love is the foundation for positive food choices. It doesn’t need to be about depriving yourself – choose to find the fun in nourishing your incredible body (because you deserve it), by experimenting with the foods that this wonderful earth has provided for us. It is important to remember that eating processed, low-vibrational foods is also depriving your body as you are not feeding it the love and nutrition necessary for it to function at it’s best.

It’s not about becoming something, you already are that something! You already possess everything you need in order to become your best self, so we encourage you to shake off that can’t-do tude’ and make the conscious choice to begin crowding out unhealthy habits with ones that are going to leave you with limitless energy, abundant happiness and longevity. Haven of Health has stemmed from my first true love of nutrition and wellbeing, and Viktor’s love for food and conscious cooking. We can’t wait to share this love with you! Choose to honour your health today and join us on our journey through food and wellness as we share with you the many ways we enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, and how you can live one too!

Love and wellness,













































Our mission is to spread love through food and wellness.