Who Are We?


Hello! Welcome to Haven of Health. HOH is run by two love birds who have an integrate love for food and wellness. Haven of Health is your new safe place to indulge in the most important and deserving thing in the world, yourself! Here you will have access to regular inspiration regarding health and nutrition, natural beauty and conscious living. Each post or recipe is designed to provide you with an additional tool that will improve your health (if you will allow it) and give you a little extra something to add to your healthy living tool kit.

At Haven of Health it is all about transitioning to health – gradually eliminating unhealthy habits one step at a time by replacing them with positive, healthy habits. It’s all about changing the way we think about our wellbeing. Our natural state of being is abundant health and happiness, this is the way our body works best. Less health issues equals more happiness – and who doesn’t want to be their best, shiny self with a bucket load of energy and a contagious zest for life?!

Health is a journey and that journey can often be quite overwhelming. So take a deep breath, and remember that if you only do one thing for your health today, then that is still something and something is better than nothing. It’s not about focusing on what not to do, it’s choosing to make your health a priority and consciously working towards this each day. At Haven of Health, you will be shown how incredibly easy it is to begin living a healthy life by simply crowding out your unhealthy habits. We aim to inspire and encourage you to love and honour your beautiful body by making healthy choices in your own life.















































Our mission is to spread love through food and wellness.