The pursuit of happiness - is this your ticket to…unhappiness?

HAPPINESS is truly a thriving industry. Population; self-help books, meditation courses and wellness retreats. Not to sound negative – these things are truly wonderful. Who could not love something that encourages and teaches you how to feel your absolute best?! Everybody loves the idea of happiness because it feels GREAT. In this state of being, life is amazing, everyone is your friend and you can do anything. But i’ve been noticing lately...pretty much every other emotion is crowed out by this glorified destination. We have reached a point where unhappiness and feelings of uncertainty, are deemed simply unacceptable and we almost refuse to acknowledge that these are feelings that complete the human experience . We don’t want to show that we are hurting, or that we aren’t so together (which is totally not a thing) after all. The road to happiness can be truly exhausting. In fact, I remember times when I’ve felt angry at myself for being sad. This can’t be – I’m a happy person! Snap out of it, I would scorn myself. Happiness is a choice…but what if today I don't want to choose it?

It’s okay to FEEL – you are only human.

A human experience is full of ups and downs –it’s a balancing act between the good and the not so good. LIFE is navigating our way through these emotions. Growth happens best in times of angst and new experiences create space for a better you. In my opinion, the secret to being happy is being unhappy – to reach happiness once again. With so much time spent lashing ourselves for feeling not-so-good, it's taking us away from the present moment, where happiness can be found. It's so important to sort through our feelings, understand why they are arising and aim to grow through them. My focus lately is ACCEPTANCE. Of myself, of others and every other shitty, jealous, amazing, incredible feeling I may have. When we accept, we can be free. I remind myself of this and hope that in return, it reminds you too.

Love and wellness,