So You Want To Be Healthy? Why Eating Your Favourite Treats Can Actually Be GOOD For You.

I’m gonna be completely honest here…if almond croissants were a food group, I would devour that food group, often. I’ve got a new obsession with pastries (I just recently dreamed of eating two whole baskets full), but I also love pasta and I don’t remember the last day I went without chocolate. I LOVE food. And if there is one golden ticket to the world of wellness, that is it. Learning to love and accept your food choices - for better or worse. Its learning to appreciate food and remembering what it's here for - to nourish and satisfy. Truth is, you CAN have your cake and eat it too. I’m gonna show you how…


Yesterday you said today was a new start. You said salads are SOOO in right now, and well, chocolate is…not. While salads can be totally good for you - so can your favourite treat. That’s because it’s going to make you feel a heck of a lot happier than eating that salad you don’t even really like, all because you think it’s healthy. In my opinion, for a lot of people it's waaaay to hard to stick to any kind of diet. If it's restrictive, often people are left feeling unhappy, deprived and...hungry. While much of that has to do with mindset, I believe it's also got a lot to do with the fact that people don't like the idea that they can have this, and they can't have that. And I completely understand. BUT the truth is - you CAN eat whatever you want...however if you care about your health, you choose not to have it it all the time. If I was to describe the way Vik and I eat, I would say we eat the, real food diet...most of the time.

Don't get me wrong, nutrition is super important to me. It's my biggest passion, but in my experience, in order for food to not become obsessive and unhealthy, I need to apply some ground rules.


When I was younger, I would eat a whole block of chocolate and then finish it off with an apple. Somehow, this made me think that what I’ve just eaten was totally okay because I had fruit with it too…I like to think this is how i’ve adapted my approach to health. My 12 year old self totally knew I was onto something. Now, I’m definitely not saying you should go and eat a whole block of chocolate…but I want to encourage you that it’s not about cutting out products - it’s about crowding them out with nutritious foods and allowing those food groups to make up the majority of your diet. The not-so-secret secret is finding what you love to eat, eating it when you feel like it AND eating your 5 serves of veggies too. We don’t need to deprive ourselves of anything if it’s bringing us joy. A bunch of studies are now revealing that STRESS is terrible for our digestion and can actually be WORSE for us than eating that so called 'cheat meal'. This means that when we worry about that chocolate bar we're about to eat, we can actually trigger pretty nasty side effects - much worse than if you were to chillax and enjoy your choccy bar with a big, ol' grin on your face. Focus on loving your body and what it does for you, I've found that when you do, you're more likely to choose to fuel your body with nutritious foods anyway.

Life is meant to be ENJOYED, food is only one aspect of our life. It's an important one in my opinion, but it's not everything...your happiness (and my almond croissant) is.

Love and Wellness,