Spicy Golden Kraut

This sauerkraut recipe will always be one of my favourites. It's super nutritious, anti-inflammatory and packed with gut loving prebiotics and probiotics that will assist in keeping your health in tip-top shape. Sauerkraut is such an amazing diet staple, and I have noticed such an incredible difference in my skin, gut health and general wellness since munching on it daily. The amazing thing about making it yourself is that you can completely tailor it to your liking. You can use this recipe as a guide or follow it to a T. Either way, have fun with it and it will always be delicious!

The Golden Ingredients;

1/2 medium sized cabbage

1 carrot finely sliced

1/2 tsp freshly grated turmeric

1 tsp freshly grated ginger

1 small onion

1 garlic clove

1/2 tsp chilli flakes

1 tbsp himalayan salt

1/2 cup filtered water

Let's Get Spicy...

To get started, finely chop your cabbage and transfer it to a large bowl adding a tablespoon of salt. Mix the salt through with your hands and leave the cabbage to sit for 10 minutes. While you are waiting, thinly slice the carrot, onion and garlic. After 10 minutes, continue massaging the cabbage for another 5-10 minutes, trying to release as much liquid from the cabbage as possible. This liquid creates the brine for your sauerkraut! Once this is done, add the carrot, onion and garlic as well as the turmeric, ginger and chilli flakes. Thoroughly combine the mixture using your hands and transfer to a 1L (or larger) sterilised glass jar. Push the veggies down firmly with your hand, ensuring they are completely covered by the brine. It may be necessary to add 1/2 cup of filtered water if there was not enough liquid extracted from the cabbage. Once this is all done, this spicy golden goodness is ready to ferment! Place the jar on your bench top out of the sunlight and leave for 1-2 weeks. Once you're happy with the flavour, pop your kraut in the fridge and enjoy its' gut-loving goodness!

Love and Wellness,