Why I Made The Switch To Natural Beauty + My Favourite Products

Let's talk beauty, baby! You've probably noticed those new cleansers at the chemist that claim to be all natural, organic, and SLS free. They're a little more pricey, and that's probably because that company is catching on. People don't want chemicals in their beauty products anymore. And I'm here to tell you, girlfriend...you definitely don't. When considering living a healthier lifestyle, the products you put on your skin are probably not even something you consider. For so long the quality of our skin care was something people never spoke about. This is until recently, and now as consumers,we are having to deal with the nasty side effects.

A little lippy never hurt anyone...or so you thought.

Unfortunately for us, the beauty industry is monitored very loosely, and recent studies have revealed that a stack of 'ingredients' in our every day products are linked to cancer, allergies, skin sensitivities, fertility issues and birth defects. It's important to remember that we care about our health more than anyone else, and those big skincare companies certainly don't have our best interests in mind. Now before you brush this off, I can guarantee you are currently using these chemicals to brush your teeth, moisturise your face, even out your skin tone, paint your nails...and much much more. You are also definitely not alone. How are you to do better when you don't know what you don't know. Believe me, the beauty industry wants to keep this a secret.

Our skin goes through a lot. From sunburn, hormonal changes, chemicals in the air...and it still has to deal with the hundreds of chemicals we coat it in daily. Incase you didn't know, without your skin, your body cannot function. It's responsible for many things you have probably never considered. Your skin regulates your body temperature, creates oils that nourish your skin and hair, allows your body to breathe and excrete toxins, is a pathway for the body to absorb vitamins and allows you to feel many sensations.

The way I think about it is, your skin is there to protect you - so why not help protect it?

The switch is actually pretty easy! These days there are a tonne of products that are just as good, or if not better, than the chemical alternatives. Think makeup, fake tan, toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen...these are things that all need to be considered, but one step at a time, sista! I found the easiest way to transition to using natural products for me was to prioritise swapping what stays on my skin the longest, i.e moisturiser, makeup, fake tan, as the longer it's on your skin, the more time there is for the chemicals to absorb. Once you've replaced the necessities, just be patient until your other products have run out and make the investment then. Once you banish the baddies, you'll soon notice your skin will be seriously stoked. Your pores will be practically singing, thanking the skin gods for allowing it to breathe again. Plus you will also learn that you don't need to use expensive cleansers, moisturisers and perfumes...and that you can actually begin making them yourself (more on this soon)!

I'll tell you a secret...you don't need much. Keep it simple, and keep it natural. These are my absolute favourite beauty products that I use almost daily. They are completely chemical free and actually work to nourish your beautiful skin.

Hurraw Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm Inika Perfection Concealer Inika Blush In Pink Puff

Eco Tan Cacao Firming Mousse Clay Purifying Mask by Kora Organics Sun & Earth Natural Zinc

Love and Wellness,