The Health And Wellness Books You MUST Read

I'm sure there is only a handful of 21 year old's who get excited about a trip to the library...and I'm not going to hide that I am indeed, one of those gals. It's no secret that a quiet night in with a book and a cup of tea is my kinda' night, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Reading is one of my favourite things to do, and ever since I was a little kiddy, it always has been. When I was in high school, I was always so drawn to self-development books, and I'm so grateful I picked these up. Reading these books really impacted and worked to build my belief systems in myself and in relation to the world. So many people think they are not readers, but I think they're just not reading the right books. There's plenty of fishies in the sea...or books in the library? Something like that. This list was rather hard to pile together, how does one choose only a handful?! But here goes...these are my favourite health and wellness books you must read.

Health + Natural Beauty

Womens Wellness Wisdom - Dr Libby

Dr Libby is an amazing advocate for womens health and this book teaches what every woman needs to know. It's a guide for exceptional health, as Dr Libby calls it, and I couldn't agree more. If you're wanting to learn more about hormones, skin health, nutrition and sleep - this one is for you!

Taking Charge of Your Fertility - Toni Weschler

Now before I have you flicking straight past this one...this book is not just for the ladies wanting to conceive. This book is for ALL women who want to know more about their bodies and their reproductive system. There was so many moments in this book that I was absolutely in awe of how AMAZING our bodies are, and just couldn't believe that I didn't already know all of these things. I refer back to this book so much. It teaches you all about womens' health, sex, your reproductive system and your menstrual cycle, how to track your cycle for conception and also for birth control. It's definitely one of those books I want to keep and hand down to my own family!

Skin Cleanse - Adina Grigore

Now this book is seriously one of my favourites! Adina is an amazing author who makes reading super fun, perfect for those of you who struggle to sit still and power your way through. Since previously struggling with acne, I've always loved learning about the skin and what I can do to help assist the health of it the most. This book is bursting with DIY skin treatments, hair treatments + so many goodies in relation to understanding and looking after your skin. After reading this book I felt like I'd just hung out with a new bestie! It was such a fun read.

The Wholefood Pantry - Amber Rose

This is my all-time favourite cook book! I'm all about quality ingredients, fermenting, beautiful writing and images and this book has it all! I remember siting on the floor of a bookstore reading this book for so long before I bought it because I couldn't stop looking at it! Amber also has another cook book I love, called Love, Bake, Nourish.

Soul Food

Radical Self Love - Gala Darling

This book is one of my favourites for self development. Gala Darling is incredibly relatable and upfront, she's a no-bull*** preacher for loving yourself and a master at reminding you how amazing you really are. This one is a MUST.

Life and Love - Lisa Messenger

Lisa Messenger is one of those author's I would definitely loooove to share a dinner with. Her books are incredible! And her writing is so inspiring. This book is my personal favourite of hers. It's covers everything from career, goals, mindset, self love, success, relationships and happiness. What more could you want in a book?!

The Architecture of All Abundance - Lenedra Carroll

This is my current read! I haven't even finished it, and I'm recommending it because it's.that.bloody.good! Very rarely I find a book I struggle to put down (because, life) but this one has me strapped to my chair! It's all about attracting abundance in every area of your life. Lenedra Carroll writes so beautifully, i've nearly highlighted all of the words in the book!

I would love to know, what are your favourite books? Feel free to share with me!

Love and Wellness,