How To: Make Your Own Perfume

Alrightyyyy Sista's! It's time...i'm about to burst your beauty bubble. I'm pretty sure this is one of those times where we kind of already know something is not super good for us...but we almost refuse to acknowledge it. However, some things become so obvious, you just gotta' stare that thing straight in the face. Perfume was one of those things for me. Now before you wonder how the hell anybody could possibly consider going perfume free, I want you to know, I totally get it. When i was younger, all i wanted to do was smell like Britney Spears, so i bought her perfumes. All of them. I used them every day before school, until I started noticing I could not stop sneezing. I thought i just had hay fever, and I didn't realise that it was always conveniently after i sprayed Bombshell on my chest. When I made the connection, I was shocked. The bottle didn't tell me that this was possible, and it also didn't mention that 95% of chemicals in perfumes are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum. The kinda' stuff that burns your nostrils at the petrol station...not fun. In fact, the bottle didn't even tell me what was it in it at all...but that's what they want. Because if you knew what you were spraying on your skin every day, I'm sure you would begin to think twice about it. Unfortunately, the truth about perfumes is just not good, girlfriend.

When I realised store-bought perfume was a no-go for me, I was stoked to discover essential oils. The beautiful part about using essential oils topically is that you are not only smelling amazing, but you are also exposed to the incredible therapeutic benefits they provide. For example, you might find you become quite anxious throughout the day, so lavender in your little potion would be perfect! Or alternatively, you might want to try Geranium, which is known to be great for balancing hormones, improving circulation and minimising inflammation. How cool is that?! These two recipes are some of my favourites but feel free to be your own alchemist!

The Beauty Bottle

What You'll Need;

30ml glass roller bottle (the best place to get them is here)

20ml almond oil, rose hip or fractionated coconut oil

10 drops wild orange essential oil

10 drops frankincense essential oil

10 drops Doterra on guard

To create your little potion, all you have to do is simply combine all of the ingredients. Add your base first, this will be the almond oil or fractionated coco oil. Ensure you allow enough space at the top to add your essential oils. This is my absolute favourite blend of makes me feel so happy! These oils are known to energise the mind and body, work to heal your skin and promote good health by working with your immune system (thanks, OnGuard!)

Perfume Pots

1 tbsp beeswax

1 1/2 tbsp almond oil

10 drops lavender

10 drops clary sage

10 drops rose geranium

FYI; Essential oils are generally great for your skin, so their scent can be quickly absorbed. The Beauty Bottle is perfect for quick application and amazing on the go. BUT sometimes us girls need a longer-lasting, smell-like-a-daisy-all-day alternative. Unlike roller bottles, perfume pots are made using beeswax, and are actually solid. This means the absorption time is prolonged and your scent lasts a little longer, yay! This combination of oils is great for relaxation, and is actually very beneficial during that time of month and when your hormones are a little crazy! Simply rub on your tummy to feel incredible benefits. or on your neck and the back of your wrists.

Sooo how do you DIY?

To begin, take your small pot with 2 cups of water inside and place it on a low heat on the stove top. While waiting for the water to boil, begin grating the beeswax, and once the water is boiling, pop it inside the mixing bowl. Just a word of warning - we don't want the boiling water to hit the bowl! Stir the beewax with a spoon until melted, then add the almond oil. Ensure these are combined over the heat, and then add your essential oils at the very end. Have your small pot ready as beeswax solidifies veeery quickly once it is off the heat. Pour your perfume into your pot and place in the fridge for an hour or so. Perfume can be kept at room temperature, in your handbag or beauty cabinet.

If you want to know why i went chemical free, you can find that out here.

Love and Wellness,