My Day On A Plate

May 22, 2018

The most common question we find ourselves asking...what should I eat? And my favourite answer is...who bloody knows! With so much information floating around out there, it can become super I made a pact to stick to what makes sense. Whole foods, pulled from the ground and cooked with a tonne of love. Of course, who bloody knows is not really the answer you are looking for. But I certainly don't have the one you are on the hunt for...because only YOU can answer that one. What feels right for you? And how do you feel after? That's how you know. I never really eat the same things everyday, and always try to base my meals around how I am feeling that day. I'm totally not a routine person, so my diet day to day is always different, which I think is important. 




In The AM:

In the morning hydration is the most important thing for me! I wake up craving lemon water or tea, but if I'm training, I will just down a big glass of water then I am out the door. 



Before Food:

Lately I am loving this juice recipe from my favourite nutritionist, Jordan Pie. It's perfect for a little liver love and is an amazing source of nutrients and hydration in the morning. I always feel a little lighter on the days I have this. 







Since the cooler weather kicked in, I'm craving a big bowl of oats every morning. My tummy has been loving them with PB, honey and cinnamon, and any fruit I have hanging around. My favourites are nana's and berries. Oats feel like a big warm hug - who doesn't want that of a morning?!






Tea Time:

In between breaky and lunch I always find a way to sneak a little something else in. At the moment I'm obsessed with roasted chickpeas, rolled in sweet paprika, turmeric, cumin + salt. If I don't have these handy, I'll munch on a slice of our Blueberry and Banana Loaf with coco yoghurt and frozen berries, or enjoy a coffee. I don't drink coffee every day, but when I do, I love to sit down and drink it mindfully. It's so much more delicious, and even more so when enjoying it with someone else!






Lunch = Leftovers

I'm a huge left-over lover. Cooking once and eating twice is an awesome way to stay on track with your eating, as you are always slightly prepared the next day, and can save yourself a trip to the fast-food up the street! When we meal prep, we love to make a big bean mix or veggie lasagne and have that over a few days, adding other ingredients as we go to change it up. Although, when I'm at home for the day, I love to cook up whatever veggies are in the fridge, with a couple of organic eggies and homemade kraut.







Dinner - My Favourite Meal Of The Day

Vik generally has dinner covered by the time I get home. Some of our favourites are no-nasties sausages with sweet potato mash, spelt pasta or a tomato bean mix with zucchini noodles. Tonight we are having beans, quinoa, avo and alllll the herbs!








Later On:

After dinner I'm always munching on some kind of home made choccy, this week it's my favourite Carob and Almond Crackles. Oh and I never end a day without a green tea. It's been my favourite ritual for years. 






Love and Wellness, 



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