Beauty Bombs That Are Great For Your Skin And Your Budget

Okay beauties...let's get r-e-a-l. Your skin care routine doesn't need to cost you a fortune, and it really shouldn't (unless you want it to). Ever notice how your skin looks after a little time at the beach, or after a make up free day? It's glowing when you seem to be giving it the least amount of attention, when you're leaving it to do it's own thing. You see, our body is pretty damn knows what to do all on it's own. It doesn't need expensive lotions and potions all the time. Way back when before cleansers were even a thing, all of the ladies knew if they had a problem with their skin, they would simply return back to nature. Think aloe vera for sunburn, yoghurt and honey face masks and exfoliating at the beach. All of the options we have now were certainly not available. And lucky for're probably glad you can't remember how much money you have spent on beauty products. Don't worry, I'm glad too. I'll be the first to admit that everyone has such different skin, and yes, at different stages, it totally requires a little more TLC. Try telling me aloe vera was going to fix my acne back in the simply wouldn't. My point is that these skin treatments are not necessarily going to cure all..but can they help assist your skin back into balance. What our skin really needs is for us to truely tune in to what's going on internally an externally. So sista to sista...I thought it would be super rude to keep my favourite beauty bombs to myself. These seriously work (for my skin anyway) and for once it's not worth your pay check to give them a try!

Chocolate Cleanse;

1 tsp cacao powder

1 tsp coconut yoghurt (ideally 100% coconut)

1/4 tsp baking powder

Cacao is one of the best beauty foods. Not only internally, but externally you can reap some serious benefits from this antioxidant powerhouse! Externally cacao works to tone the skin and also helps to prevent skin cell damage and repair the skin. Coconut yoghurt is the cooling component, while baking powder is for a deeper clean, perfect after a long week of wearing make up. To apply, simply add all the ingredients to a small bowl and rub gently into the skin. You can keep this mask on for 10-20 minutes.

For A Glow;

1 tsp fresh paw paw

1/2 tsp fresh aloe vera

This mask is my all time favourite! It's super hydrating, thanks to the aloe and it's also super cheap! Paw paw is amazing at clearing the skin of impurities and for refreshing your complexion. It hydrates, moisturises, softens and lightly exfoliates your skin. It's pretty much a miracle mask if you ask me! Oh, and don't forget, you can even eat the leftovers... To prepare the mask, simply mash 1 tsp of paw paw and grab some aloe vera from your garden (or your neighbours...just don't tell them I sent you there). Cut open the aloe with a sharp knife and scoop out the gel. You only need a little, so you can use the rest to moisturise your body. Rub the two together and apply generously to your face. It's ready to wash off after 10-15 minutes. Don't forget to check out your new glow.

Super Invigorating Body Scrub;

1 tbsp ground coffee

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 drops peppermint essential oil

Did you know peppermint is known for increasing motivation and energy levels when inhaled? Mix that with coffee and it's pretty much the best thing to get out of bed for. Once you add this to your morning routine, I'm sure you will notice a difference, and not only in your skin. Simply combine all of the ingredients the morning-of and start scrubbing (gently of course!)

The World's Best Pimple Treatment;

1 drop tea tree essential oil

Almond, coconut or rosehip oil for dilution

I feel like I need to shout this one from the rooftops! It seriously works beauties! We all know the dreaded feeling of one coming. You just know you'll wake up in the morning with something sittin' not so pretty. I've found this treatment has prevented so many nasty pimples and helped to dry them up super quick. To apply, just dab the treatment over the affected area. Make sure this remedy doesn't make it anywhere near your eyes, it won't be fun!

Healthy Hair Treatment;

2 tbsp coconut oil

3 drops rosemary essential oil

A couple of years ago, I would do this treatment once a week and my hair loved it! More recently I've been little slack with my hair care and I've seriously noticed a difference. Coconut oil is super nourishing, perfect for when your hair needs a little extra love. Rosemary is known to help stimulate new hair growth and also is great for nourishing the scalp. For your locks, apply this treatment from the scalp all the way to the ends. You'll get the best results if you keep the treatment in over night, however if that's not your thing, you'll notice a difference after a couple of hours. OH, and a little trick...when you decide to wash, apply shampoo to your hair before you wet it, otherwise the water will create a barrier between the shampoo and the oil. A double shampoo is always best after this mask.

P.s this doesn't mean saying bye bye to store bought beauty bombs either...I still use and love a handful of products I purchase. These recipes are just great for your pocket and perfect for when you run out of your essentials! If you'd like to take a peak at my beauty cabinet, you can do that here.

Love and Wellness,