June Favourites + My Intention For The Month

Hi Beauties! This month Vik and I spent some time away for our anniversary. We spent most mornings drinking coffee and eating freshly baked pastries, wandering down cute little streets and snuggling during the rainy weather. It's not often that there is not somewhere we have to be, or something we feel we need to do, so switching off for down time was so incredible! Our days move so quick, if we don't take the time to appreciate how we spend them, beautiful moments can so easily pass us by. I thought this blog post might be a way you too can be reminded to take a moment to slow down, clear your schedule a little and reflect on what your favourite things are right now. Here are my most loved things from this month...


Shampoo + Conditioner

Lately I am loving Perfect Potion and I've been using their chamomile shampoo and rosemary conditioner. I must admit I skimp a little on hair products sometimes, but if I notice my hair needs a little more TLC, I will treat it to something more nourishing or one of my favourite DIY hair masks. The thing I love about these products is that they are made using herbs that actually work to strengthen and nourish your gorgeous locks! Plus they smell absolutely delish!

Dusty Girls Highlighter

If I'm being honest, I'm not really interested in my makeup taking more than 5 minutes in the morning. I like to keep it simple and for that reason I only use a handful of products. I feel like I can be a little bit of harsh critic when it comes to letting new ones into my routine, sooo believe me when I say, I love this highlighter! Loose powder highlighters are always my favourite because I find they look much more natural. You can order this product here. And did I mention...it's only $25?



Some people fangirl over musicians, artists and the like, while I spend my days admiring...nutritionists. Ever since my favourite nutritionist, Jordan Pie, released her own cookbook, i've been in all sorts of ways trying to figure out how I possibly have the time to make all of these amaaaazing recipes. When it comes to cook books, i'm like a little sponge, and can draw so much inspiration from them. Jordans' food philosophies are quite similar to mine, so this book is much loved by me and my belly! It's overflowing with info and recipes relating to gut health, sugarless sweets, fermented foods and so much more. It's available to purchase here.


Coffee + Medicinal Mushies

I always love adding little tweaks to my meals throughout the day to squeeze a little extra nourishment in. I've been experimenting with mushroom powders on and off for a couple of years, and lately I've been loving Superfeast powders in my coffee. I've been adding masons mushrooms which is a blend of reishi, lions mane, shiitake, chaga, and cordyceps, as well as astragalus. I've been loving these for immune and hormone health and honestly think they have saved me from catching the flu (touch wood)! Medicinal mushrooms are also said to contribute to liver, immune and gut health, as well as lowering inflammation and stress levels. So cool.

My Monthly Intention:

You know those things you're totally sure you should do because life is going to be much better because of it? Like not leaving your assignment until last minute, or doing the dishes when you actually make the mess...not three days later (guilty). Welllll, meditation is one of those things for me. Meditation and I have always been in a constant ebb and flow. Some weeks I'm making the time for it daily, and other weeks, not at all. But I can seriously hear my intuition tapping me on the shoulder saying, 'just do it!', because life really is SO much better when I do. Seriously! I'm happier, less stressed, more present and more appreciative for everything in my life. So why would I not make time for this every day? I don't have to pick my brain too hard to know that the reality is just that I haven't been bothered to. And so, I've decided to commit to making the time for 10 minutes of meditation every single day in July. The amazing thing I'm beginning to realise about time is that it's not really about how much we have, but what we do with it. If you don't make the time, well, there suddenly is no time for the things you want to do. So in saying that, what's your intention for the next 31 days?

Love and Wellness,