The Art Of Conscious Consumerism

In a society that encourages us to want so much, what would it be like to want so much...less? It can be way too easy to fall into the trap of unconscious consumerism, where we spend our days pondering our next purchase, or feeling as though we need all those little things. I'm by no means perfect, and of course I have times where I feel like I want everything, but that's life! Part of this movement is about being more conscious and aware of your choices and being able to have control over them. Personally, I've found it kinda' liberating, inspiring and a super creative process that encourages me to think ahead, be prepared, and has me feeling confident that I'm contributing to something a lil bigger than myself. Another incredible thing I've found about buying less, is that I have gained an abundance of appreciation for what I do buy and what I do already have. This practise doesn't have to be annoying, in fact it can be super fun! Start by adjusting to things that will fit into your lifestyle, and soon you'll notice conscious consumerism flowing into all areas. You could start by bringing your own bags to the shops, thinking about your purchases before buying, ensuring you don't use plastic water bottles when you can, using your own coffee cup instead of disposables, etc etc. I love this practise because it always reminds me that we don't really need that much to be happy. Often, we realise we actually need less, and when we're not distracted by all the things, we can focus more on what really matters. I'm still a rookie, but here are my favourite way's I'm choosing to to live a little more waste free...

One Person's Trash, Is Another's...

You know the saying. These days there are so many amazing ways to buy second hand products in super good knick! And thanks to the internet, most of the time we don't even need to take our tooshies off our chairs! Surely I'm not the only one who gets frustrated at the price of clothing these days. I can think of a bunch of things I'd rather spend my dollars on. I invest in quality when I feel I need to, but lately I'm loving picking up second hand bargains for what I feel certain things are actually worth for me. Plus it's much more exciting when you snag something you're after on the cheap! Just recently, I was on the hunt for a belt and the average one I came across in boutiques was a crazy $40! For something that holds your pants up! So I waited it out, and found myself wandering into my local second hand store. I found a belt just like the one I was after for just $4! It looked brand new.

Cut Down On Food Waste

This has been a biggg one for me! I've got a history of going to the markets and filling my basket with a bunch of goodies, only to reach the end of the week, and have still have a fridge full of food because our bellies simply weren't big enough. We would end up chucking out these beautiful organic veggies our farmers had worked so hard to grow! Now I like to get an idea of our meals for the week, and shop around that. I also buy fruit + veg twice throughout the week just to make sure we only buy what we will use and also to have the freshest produce to munch on!

Borrow Like It's Going Out Of Business

How many things do you own that you've only ever used...once? If I'm after something in particular for an event, weekend away, side project or even some crazy kitchen appliance, and I think I probably won't need it again, I'll always ask around to borrow first. Not only will it save you a few pennies, but a heck of a lot of space too!

Hang On To All Your Old Jars/Empty Containers

I'm a little bit of a jar hoarder. Every time I go and visit my gran, she has a bag full of old pickle jars for me. Incase you were wondering, Vik absolutely loves it when I bring them all home and fill the cupboards (not), but it's just what you gotta' do if you want to live a lil' more plastic free! Empty jars are perfect for all the things, like storing dry goods, carrying water on the go, for fermenting left over fruit and veg, to pop bliss balls in as a gift for your bestie, to store homemade body wash.....oh and the list could go on and on! Sooo, hang on to those jars (or I will...).

I would love to know, how do you reduce waste?

Love and Wellness,