Why We DON'T Plan Our Meals Each Week

October 28, 2018

Hey foodies! It's time I let you in on our little food planning secret. We plan our meals after we go grocery shopping. Yep, it's true. I've never really been the girl to sit down with an arm full of cookbooks, on the hunt to decide what I'm going to eat for the week. I rarely ever head to the shops with an ingredients list, rather just a couple of ideas of which foods my body is feeling at that time. In saying this, I have absolutely nothing against following recipes - they're a wonderful tool to source cooking inspiration, and are a foolproof way to ensure you are serving something delicious. If this method is great for you - that's wonderful! However I thought I'd share what works for us, because maybe it just might work for you, too. So keep scrolling to find out why we prefer not to plan our meals before we go shopping.







It Saves Us Money

How many recipes have you made where you have purchased everything off the list, only to chuck out the remaining ingredients because you've struggled to find another use for them? I often find this is the case when following recipes, and while they can be super helpful, they're not always convenient, as it often means a trip to the super market to pick up that ingredient you haven't quite heard of before. During a trip to the farmers markets, I fill my basket with the cheaper, in-season produce that is available, and make do with that. We shop organic most of the time, and often the recipes I was picking up weren't relevant to that particular season. Long story short, we were looking at paying $11 for an organic cauliflower! Now, cauliflower is delicious, but maybe not that



I Want To Get Creative In The Kitchen

I'm still improving on this one! However, my tummy and I are quite fortunate that Vikky is a chef, as on the days where I'm lacking on the creative side, he's got all the ideas under the sun (this is just one of the many reasons I love him). Deciding what to eat while staring into your fridge/pantry is a great way to become resourceful in the kitchen by using what you have and experimenting with different cooking methods. It's a wonderful way to unwind after your day, have a play and teach yourself some new skills!



We Like To Listen To What Our Bodies Need That Day 

In the past when planning meals ahead of time, it was common that on the day, that particular meal is the last thing I'm craving. This may be because I'm feeling tired that day and don't feel like spending as long in the kitchen, or it's raining, and pasta is the only thing on my mind. The beauty of being flexible is that you know you've got enough in the fridge, but the freedom to whip up whatever your body is calling for. 



I hope you found a piece of inspiration from this post, and remember that however you choose to eat each day is completely up to you. There's totally no right or wrong way to do so. I'm sure this system for us is related to the fact that I'm totally not a planner, and love to just go with the flow. If this sounds like you, I encourage you to head to the market, fill your basket full of your favourite veggies and have a play with whatever is in your fridge this week.


Love and Wellness, 






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