A Guide To Your Best Smoothie Ever

As the weather begins to heat up, I've got anything but warm foods on my mind. Which means all the smoothies, please! I'm a tad smoothie obsessed, because you can't ever really get sick of them. There's endless combinations, but nailing that perfect blend can actually be harder than you might think. After a few years working in smoothie bars, I've picked up a handful of tips and tricks that I feel are essential to preparing your tastiest smoothie yet!

Pick Up A Good-Quality Blender

First things first, not all blenders are created equal. It's the sad, but true, reality we all need to face when it comes to choosing which one deserves a place in our kitchen. Ideally, you want to pick a high-speed blender that's tough enough to handle whatever you throw in! I've been down the cheaper route, but soon learnt (after burning out more than a few) that an investment in a quality blender is SO worth it. My favourite is a Vitamix. The trusty vitamix can be quite expensive, however, so I suggest picking one up second hand, just as we did! Vikky and his parents actually gifted me mine for my birthday...best.present.ever!

Include As Many Frozen Ingredients As Possible

This is key, smoothie queens (or kings)! Freezing a handful of fruit and veg the night before your breaky is essential to that smooth consistency we are all after. Not all of the ingredients need to be frozen, although I've found that a higher ratio of frozen ingredients always seems to work the best.

Banana Is Best

Or Zucchini, for a low sugar option. These two ingredients seem to always be the ultimate smoothie saviours. They're a great base to compliment all of your other ingredients, and both blend down almost too well! I know zucchini in your smoothie may sound a touch crazy, but as the old saying goes...don't knock it until you try it! To keep the smoothie consistency at a peak, always freeze the zucchini.

Spice Up Your Add-In's

The beauty of smoothies is that you can include many ingredients that aren't as enjoyable to munch on on their own. My favourite add in's are hemp seeds, masons mushrooms, collagen, cacao & maca powder. Spice it up, and play around with your ingredients reguarly! However, never forget fruit and veg are always going to be the best powerhouse when it comes to nutrition. I always make sure I've got a higher ratio of veg compared to fruit. Unless I'm making my favourite choccy smoothie...and in that case, all the nana please!

I'd love to know if you have any of your own tricks when it comes to making your own smoothie! If you do, feel free to share them below.

Love and Wellness,