My Non-Negotiables For A Healthy Life

It should come as no surprise that in order to feel great as much as possible, we must first want to feel great. Captain obvious right here, eh'...but it seriously can be that simple! Most days I do feel great, and I'm simply sharing this as I've finally figured out if I want to feel fan-freaking-tastic majority of the time, then I've got to do the things that make me feel so! Of course there's the days when my energy is shot and I'm totally needing that soy cappuccino with extra, extra chocolate...but that's my personal cue to acknowledge that it's only because I've not had adequate sleep, let crazy thoughts run rampant through my little head, skipped the gym for the last three days, and made absolutely no time to rest and recharge. You see, we don't feel the way we do accidentally...there's always an underlining factor. Some factors which we can control, and others not so much. So I say let's spend more of our precious time doing allll the things that light us up and give our body the best possible chance to produce more of those beautiful happy hormones!

The main reason Vik & I started this blog, is because we want to be a pleasant reminder that healthy living doesn't have to be hard, and that there isn't a one size fits all approach that will leave you with endless energy, glowing skin and healthy hormones. Your life should be tailored to your, exercise and lifestyle inclusive. So here's what helps me feel happier, and therefore healthier - everyday! Hopefully these practises will in-turn inspire you to reflect on what fills up your own cup.

Eat Nourishing and Nutritious Meals (most of the time) No diets. No restriction. Just wholesome, real food. Well...most of the time. I'm sure you are all aware by now, that Vik and I have a serious passion for great quality food. There's nothing that makes me happier than a Sunday morning breakfast prepared from the super fresh ingredients we've just picked up from the local farmers market. It should come as no surprise that farm to table food has the power to help us function more effectively, because after all, our food feeds our cells, which then work to keep our beautiful bodies moving! That to me, makes the extra time in the kitchen totally worth it. All of this farmers market food chat aside, let's not forget how important it is to also enjoy the food we are eating. When I say I love eating nourishing meals...I mean nourishing on many different levels! And sometimes that level is a fresh-out-the-oven pizza from our favourite restaurant Wooden Horse, or a freshly baked croissant from the local bakery. Everything in moderation, right!?

Regular Movement

Exercise is my sanity savoir. More than anything else I implement throughout my day, I know that if I've eaten something nutritious, and moved my body, then I'm sure to have a much brighter day. Even if I have to serve a not-so-friendly customer, get stuck in traffic or drop my ceramic coffee cup (this has definitely happened), then I'm much more likely to respond in a more positive manner. My favourite form of exercise is strength training, which improves my confidence, happiness, posture, energy, and is proven to help you maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints!

Dosing Up On Daily Gratitude

Gratitude increases our happy hormones, serotonin, while reducing stress hormones, which in the long run can have some nasty effects on our wellbeing. Whenever we go through testing times in our lives, it can be very easy to forget how great things really are, and how much we still have to be so, so grateful for. A simple example in my own life is how I can alter my thinking after a long week of work. Instead of saying I HAVE to go to work, I've been changing my language to, I WANT to go to work, or I'm so grateful to have this job so I can do all of the things I love. Even if your work doesn't necessarily light you up, there are many reasons why having the ability to be able to work, can. Every experience can be transformed into something a little more joyful whenever we remember to be grateful.

Saying Bye-Bye To Chemicals In My Home & On My Skin

Chemicals can be such a burden on our liver, immune and endocrine system, so I've chosen to go toxic-free where I can. Personally, my food and beauty and home cleaning products are my biggest priority when it comes to going au-naturale! I've found such a great way to save money while still keeping those nasties out of your home, is to make your own! I love making DIY cleaning products or homemade face masks, as I find they are often even more effective. I recently wrote an article on why I transitioned to natural beauty, so hit that link to get the scoop on all things toxic-free.

Body Love So often we are searching for a new way to be healthier or to look better. However somewhere along that gruelling search, we forget that we are already healthy and we have so, so much to thank our bodies for that is completely unrelated to how we look. In fact, upon this realisation, how we look can become rather insignificant in comparison. Have you ever considered how incredible your body is? Do you ever think about how it is always perfectly functioning, healing and supporting you...without a single conscious thought? Do you ever ponder on the fact that without your body, you would not be able to do anything at all? The sports you play, the job you do, the way you hold your partners hand...they all depend on your body and it's health. Your body goes everywhere with you, and it enables you to do everything. I believe loving and appreciating our incredible bodies is the best thing we can do for our health. I believe in this whole-heartedly, because when we love ourselves, we are then so much more inclined to make healthier choices, and look at health a little more holistically. Sometimes a sleep in wearing your favourite PJ's is much more beneficial than an early morning workout.

There you have it. My Non-negotiables for a healthier life. So, what are yours?

Love and Wellness,