Your Natural Beauty Know-How With Depths of Beauty, Emmily Banks

Hi beauties! It's been a hot minute since my last beauty blog, and I thought who better to get back on the band-wagon with other than the low-tox queen herself, Emmily Banks. Emmily Banks is an eco makeup artist who spends her days working on her blog, new beauty mag, spreading all the good vibes online and making it known; chemical free beauty is fun, effective and that much better for you! A little while back now, I discovered the Depths of Beauty Instagram, which had me falling head-over-heels into the low-tox beauty scene. I was all about feeding my body plenty of the good stuff, it was about time I looked a little further into what I was putting on my precious skin every single day. All too often not enough of us consider the impact the products in our beauty cabinet have on our body. We're not really taught to care...although what we put on our skin really matters, and I can assure you that it's such a great feeling investing your pennies in companies who really do care about their consumers. I share more about why I transitioned to natural beauty in previous posts, but today Emmily is sharing her go-to glam secrets that are sure to leave you feeling inspired and empowered to be a little more aware of your beauty behaviour. As it goes for everything in life, we don't need to be right on the mark all the take this information in your stride and remember that making one small switch will send positive ripples into so many other areas. Becoming more aware is the very first step!

What spiked your interest in chemical free beauty and why have you chosen to share this message so beautifully with others?

My own personal transition to natural beauty was the first step, and once I realised just how toxic conventional products were for our health and the planet I instantly knew these incredible, high performance, eco alternatives needed to be shared! As I began to spread the word, first to friends and family and then slowly into my own work, my passion grew as I started seeing how much of a positive impact we can collectively make on our health and the planet by supporting conscious healthy beauty brands.

We trust in products because they're well known and assume they aren't doing any harm, but often these potions are not what they seem. For a natural beauty just starting out, which ingredients would you suggest get the flick first?

Anything synthetic, especially preservatives like parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrance - as these ingredients are known endocrine disruptors, meaning they can potentially result in reproductive, developmental, neurological and immune effects when consumed.

Key nasties to watch out for in your skincare include:

  • Synthetic colouring agents

  • Synthetic fragrances/parfums

  • Ethoxylated ingredients

  • Silicones

  • Paraffin

  • Petroleum derived products

  • GMO

  • Petrochemicals

  • Animal testing

  • Preservatives not derived from natural sources

Truly, what you are looking for are naturally-derived ingredients (that aren’t a mouthful to read!) and if all else fails, know that when you are purchasing a product with the Australian Certified Organic bud logo, you are in safe hands.

What's one beauty bomb you do every day?

I like to keep it simple when it comes to looking after my skin. I always make sure to moisturise my face and body with an oil - favourites include anything on a base of jojoba or rosehip, and I include essential oils like Frankincense and Lavender for their antibacterial qualities.

I am a big believer in beauty from within, so always ensure I am drinking plenty of filtered water, eating clean, nourishing wholefoods and moving my body every day, to ensure a radiant, dewy glow.

Your favourite ingredient for a home-made face mask:

I love to mix a beautiful essential oil into my face masks. Frankincense is a particularly nourishing oil that is used in a lot of skincare products for its anti-ageing benefits. Frankincense can help with cell renewal, which is great for protecting the skin against free radical damage. It also supports the nervous system which is great for calming and balancing the mind.

Your top three can't-live-without natural beauty products:

I am lucky enough to always be trialing new au-naturale goodies, so my favourites are ever changing but at the moment I have been loving…

1. Inika’s BB Cream - A multi-tasking 3-in-1 formula combining a silky primer, foundation and moisturiser. It melts into the skin and is easily blendable, making it perfect for on-the-go

2. Clemence Tone + Hydrate Spritz - Rose water is SUPER hydrating for the skin, and is also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and balances the pH levels of your skin too. So I love having a spritz like this one at the ready.

3. Weleda Skin Food - This nourishing cream can be used anywhere on the body and uses natural oils and waxes from sunflower, lanolin and sweet almond to provide a light protective barrier for the skin, making this the perfect cream for banishing dry skin and tackling any harsh weather conditions.

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