Where To Find Affordable Produce + Pantry Staples In Brisbane

I'm sure we all know someone who thinks healthy eating is expensive, or maybe you think so yourself. However I don't blame anyone for thinking that, as if you walk into most health food stores, you'll notice pasta being sold for $10 a pop, capsicums for $24/kg, energy bars for $6/serve and greens powders asking for a ridiculous $50/container. We see new superfoods making their way onto the market, trying to convince us that in order to be healthy we must need all of these extra products. We're constantly bombarded by marketing trying to convince us that we need this and we need that, to be healthier. Although the truth is, we definitely don't need all of those things to be healthy! In fact what we really need is less of the fake foods and more of the real stuff. The foods picked from the ground, gathered or prepared in such a way that doesn't also present a whole host of potential health issues. Eating good food can actually be rather simple, we've just got to be prepared to put in a little extra effort. Just like anything, it ultimately comes down to your priorities. Of course you can spend $5 on a pizza from Dominos and save a little dosh...but is that really what your body deserves all the time? After all, our bodies do SO much for us...just because! I feel the least we can do is fuel it with real food majority of the time. When thinking about your weekly shop, it's great to think of healthy foods as an investment. In saying that, for it to not cost you a fortune, you've got to know where to pick up the goodies without having it break the bank. Another important note to make is that by preparing more in your own kitchen, you will also cut down on your costs, as pre-made products such as dips, ferments, pasta sauces and spreads are always more expensive than preparing them yourself! So without further a-do...here is where you can find affordable produce + pantry staples in Brisbane.


The supermarket for the ultimate bargain shopper! Aldi is great for their special deals on various items, and the option to purchase certain products in bulk - saving your precious pennies along the way. Aldi also has a great range of organics, and is the cheapest place to get extra virgin, organic olive oil and other staples such as coconut oil, 100% peanut butter (always check the ingredients on these to be sure), canned fish, organic teas, grass fed butter, beans, coconut water, pasta...etc. For those of you who are gluten free, you are also spoilt for choice in the pasta + grains department!


For all of our waste free shoppers out there, this health food store has quite a large bulk food section, including grains, flours, nuts, seeds, chocolate, teas, herbs + spices and so much more! Kiah often has the best prices on bulk foods, fruit + veg and various products, with many items being cheaper than those sold in big chain supermarkets such as Coles or Woolies. Fruit and veg prices at times match those of conventional produce - which I find rather impressive! On a side note - Woolworths is probably the most expensive place to purchase organic foods, so I recommend sticking to farmers markets or grabbing bargains when you see them at certain health food stores. Kiah is my favourite place to buy things like chia seeds, spelt flour, pepitas, rice, quinoa and dried herbs, which are all certified organic, although affordable as you're not paying for packaging mark-ups. If you're on the hunt for great natural cleaning products for your body and your home, they also stock these in bulk and at an affordable price.


Also another place to find affordable health foods. The best (and busiest) time to shop here is Friday, Saturday and Sunday as they run great weekly specials, which you can even receive via text message. If we can't make it to the markets because of work, we will pick up our fruit and veg from here, as it's still affordable and the quality is great. Keep an eye out for what's in season, and always buy juicing carrots! They may not always look as nice, but they taste just as great and are always at least half the price. We regularly purchase their 2kg bags for $3.50. Market Organics also sell certified organic diced tomatoes in 2.5kg tins, which is a much cheaper way to purchase tinned tomatoes and the leftovers can be put in the freezer until you need it next! They also have a membership system, where each shop you gain points to go towards a cheaper shopping bill.


Northey street is hands down the best place to find the freshest organic produce in Brisbane. It's actually probably my all time favourite place as it has such a great energy of an early Sunday morning. The great thing about shopping at a farmers market is that you are able to compare prices at certain stalls and grab the best deal. We buy what's cheap and make that work for the week.


In our eyes, there's absolutely nothing better than a fresh loaf of sourdough - although at times it can be hard to find a place to get a great loaf. Our favourites are Danny's Bread in Teneriffe, Florence Cafe in Camp Hill and Little Tree in Samford.


We rarely buy meat unless it's on special, as the organic kind can be rather pricey. We try not to base our meals around meat, so picking it up only when it's cheap is also a great way to avoid over-consumption and pay a little less, without budging on quality. Organic meats have become a non-negotiable in our home, as we prefer not to support unethical farming practises or expose our bodies to unnecessary hormones. Stock up when it's cheap so you have some when it's expensive! You can at times find great specials at Sherwood Rd Organic Meats, Kiah, Woolworths or Coles.

Love and Wellness,